1. I love The Moms. You should too. 

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    NEW VIDEO: PUP - “Mabu”

    Album: PUP (Royal Mountain Records/SideOneDummy)

    Released: March 2014

    "Mabu" is the track about the car that has been a member of the PUP family from before they were even known as Topanga. Watch them send their beloved vehicle  off in style at a demolition derby.

    PUP is hitting the road this fall and are making a stop in Toronto at Lee’s Palace on November 15th, as well as the just announced mini tour with The Flatliners, making a stop at Call The Office (London, ON) on December 11th.

    I cannot get enough of this band. 


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  7. Mariachi El Bronx Stream “Wildfires” From ‘III’



    Mariachi El Bronx will be releasing III on November 4th via White Drugs/ATO Records. Stream a new song called “Wildfires” below.

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    We made it another year, you guys.

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    Hüsker Dü - Don’t Want To Know If You Are Lonely

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  12. Anonymous said: If you had to chose: no oral sex for the rest of your life (giving and recieving) OR no cheese/foods with cheese/imitation cheese?



    no oral..

    i love cheese 


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    Realest thing Ive ever saw.

    Everyone in the world should see this

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  14. radtracks:

    what ever happened? // the strokes

    i wanna be beside her
    she wanna be admired
    you say, “please don’t make this harder,”
    no, i won’t yet

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  15. The reason I picked up the baaassss.

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